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 Author Thread: Free Online IDE
SednaSpace is not online. Last active: 6/26/2006 9:27:38 PM SednaSpace
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Free Online IDE
Posted: 17 May 2006 07:37 AM
Free Online IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

"Good For Ad-Hoc In-House Application Development"


Simple Steps:

1. Get registered as user for free.
2. Login.
3. Create a project.

Prime Features:

1. Drag and Drop data and text fields visually online.
2. Do Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete controls online.
3. Define Primary and Foreign key field(s) online.
4. Draw Master-Detail screens online.
5. Define Search, Look-up, Pop-up and Dynamic Combo Loading online.
6. Define Security for Page, Activity, Row, Column and User levels online.
7. Define login screen online.
8. Define Field and Screen level validations online.
9. Define auto data fetch on Tab navigation.
10. Define Panels online.
11. Define Style sheets online.
12. Use Calendars online.
13. Define hidden fields online.
14. Define buttons online.
15. Define formulae online.
16. Use anchor tags to link with other pages and pass data online.
17. Do all sorts of image operations with image controls online.
18. Save screen online.
19. Set first page online.
20. Run online.
21. Enter data and feel the application online.
22. Easy customization: add or delete fields dynamically online.


23. Automated table design and creation online.
24. Automated Code generation online.
25. Download code for the project you just defined online.
26. Download 100% code in (Asp.Net,C#/MS SQL Server or Oracle)
or (Asp.Net,VB.Net/MS SQL Server or Oracle) online.

More Features:

27. You can make your screens as public templates. Also make use of
available public templates in your project.
28. Make your project public. So that all can run it.
29. Invite other users while you work on your project online.
30. Get your data base driven web applications done online shortly.

"Good For Ad-Hoc In-House Application Development"
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